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Sthapati Angan is an Architectural Design Studio based on a Futuristic, Unique & Cost-Effective design approach.

They consult professional support on Architectural Design, Residential & Commercial Design, Building Construction, Interior & Product Design, Structural Design, Pre-Fabricated Steel Structure Design, Construction Project management, Site Supervision, and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services.

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Seven Storied Residential Apartment, Feni City, Bangladesh

Sultan Residence, East Bijoy Singh, Feni, Bangladesh

Retail Building, Lemua Bazar, Feni, Bangladesh

Eidgah Mehrab, All-over Bangladesh

Seven Storied Residential Apartment, Feni City, Bangladesh

Residence, Lemua, Feni, Bangladesh

Family Mosque, Lemua, Feni, Bangladesh

Proposed Interior Design for a Master Bed

Entrance Gate & Boundary Wall

Lemua, Feni, Bangladesh

Single Family Residence,

Bhor Bazar, Feni, Bangladesh

Dynamic Tower,

Proposed Skyscraper

PEB, Industrial Shed,

Lemua, Feni, Bangladesh

Tourist Information Center,

Punjab, India

Sehab Residence,

Hapezia, Feni, Bangladesh

Architectural Visualization

Commercial Complex, Dehradun, India.


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​Phone / Whatsapp: +880 1765809156
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Founder, Architect & Creative Head

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